Monday, March 5, 2012


There have been a lot of really tragic stories in the news over the last year involving children. I try to avoid reading or watching these stories, because they are so upsetting to me. It especially breaks my heart to think that a person, particularly a parent, could do something to hurt a child.

Each time a new incident is in the news, it makes me redouble my effort to be a loving parent to my children. Here are some things that I wish all parents would do...

Always tell your children you love them, every day. Yes, even when it's been a tough day.

Always take the time to play with your kids. I mean really play with them.

Always learn the words to their favorite songs and the names of their favorite characters.

Always listen to their stories, even if you've heard it before. It's important to them.

Always be willing to give out hugs and kisses. It costs you nothing, but can mean everything to a child.

Always offer them comfort when they're sad, hurt, or mad. They need to know it's going to be ok.

Always smile with them when they're happy. Share in their joy.

Always laugh with them when they're being silly or goofy.

Always encourage them to help others. It will teach them compassion.

Always try to exercise patience. They are young and don't know any better.

Always offer guidance, but let them ultimately choose their own path.

Always enjoy the cuddles. There will be a day when they pull away.

Always cherish the quiet moments.

Always take pictures and videos. They grow up so fast.

Always support them in their endeavours.

Always encourage them to try new things and do their best.

Always be a good role model. You are their first and most influential.

Always tuck them in at night, kiss their foreheads, and tell them you'll see them in the morning.

Always remember that you are their parent and that they look to you for all these things.


  1. Always and forever.

    The "rules" of parenting seem easy enough but sadly there are sick people out there that have children and treat them horribly.

    I avoid the news for this very reason!

    1. I wish people were requried to take parenting classes proir to having a baby... And I wish there were more public services readily available to parents that are going through a tough time with their kids. I think it would help tremendously if people knew who/where to go to for help.